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Russel Thornton

DateApril 2022
TreatmentTreatment: FUE
AreaArea: Front, Temples
GraftsGrafts: 1100
Facing significant thinning and gradual temple recession, Russell took proactive steps to address his hair loss by consulting with Dr. Clarke. It was a crucial decision for him to prevent further hair loss and opted for surgery to recreate a soft and natural hairline.
Russel Thornton before FUE
Russel Thornton after FUE
Dr Clarke

Founder & Hair Transplant Surgeon

Message from Dr Richard Clarke

The primary goal of this surgery was to recreate soft, natural temples while future-proofing against ongoing loss. This led to a significant improvement in both the overall hairline and the patient's confidence.
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Russel's Experience

“Addressing my hair loss was a significant decision for me. After contemplating it for some time, I opted for an initial consolation wth Dr Clarke. Right from the beginning, he demonstrated expertise and a genuine commitment to understanding my concerns.

Dr Clarke asked insightful questions, allowing us to explore potential treatment options. Taking the time to explain the procedure details, optimal timing for treatment and the number of grafts required for successful effect.

The day of the surgery was a pivotal moment, and being well-informed about the process significantly helped reduce my stress. Dr Clarke's and his team's guidance made me feel comfortable and assured.

Fast forward one year, and the transformation in my hairline is undeniable. The positive impact on my confidence has been profound, and looking back, I can say that choosing Dr Clarke was the right decision. I recommend Dr Clarke to anyone considering hair transplant surgery. His expertise and compassion make him a specialist who genuinely cares about helping individuals make decisions regarding their hairline restoration.”

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